2012.07.11: Video: Report Back From Egypt

Report back from National Lawyers Guild fact-finding mission to Egypt by Suzanne Adely, Baher Azmy, Michael Letwin, and Lamis Deek, moderated by Hoda Mitwally with Ali Issa of War Resistors League also speaking about a new campaign against US manufactured Tear Gas. Sponsored by Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution – NYC

US activists, lawyers, and scholars took part in a fact-finding mission to Egypt aimed at studying the ongoing revolution, investigating the role and responsibility of the US government and corporations in human rights abuses against the Egyptian People, and documenting the ways in which more than thirty years of US military and economic intervention has violated Egypt’s popular sovereignty and locked the country in a web of international debt.

camera: Joe Friendly

Endorsed by National Lawyers Guild-International Committee, OWS Global Justice Working Group, Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions, and State Repression, Desis Rising Up and Moving, Labor for Palestine, NYC Labor Against the War, United Nations Antiwar Coalition-NYC, International Socialist Organization, International Action Center, Socialist Action, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum.


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