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2006.07.18: NYCLAW Statement at Palestine Demo

NYCLAW Statement at Palestine Demo
July 18, 2006

Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian and Lebanese people are criminal. It’s no accident that these kill and maim mainly civilians, because ethnic cleansing is the goal of Zionist apartheid. And Zionism represents the U.S. empire’s domination of the Middle East and beyond.

For these reasons, New York City Labor Against the War demands not only an immediate end to Israel’s attacks on the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon, but we also:

1. Join the South African trade union movement, Cosatu, in demanding an end to all U.S. aid for Israel – which arms and funds Israeli apartheid.

2. Demand a complete end to the Israeli apartheid state, and the full Palestinian right of return throughout historic Palestine – from the River to the Sea; and

3. Call for immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and “allied” forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.