2002.03.20: NYC Labor Groups Support Immigrant Detainees



On Saturday, March 23, labor organizations will join community and immigrant rights groups to support the hundreds of Arab and South Asian immigrants who remain imprisoned since September 11.  None of  the detainees have been charged with any role in the attacks.

Cosponsoring labor organizations of this event include AFSCME DC 1707; AFSCME Local 2627, DC 37; Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325; CWA Local 1180; Legal Aid Society Chapter, 1199/SEIU; National Organization of Legal Services Workers/UAW L.2320; National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981; NY Taxi Workers Alliance; NYC Labor Against the War; Organization of Staff Analysts; Professional Staff Congress-CUNY/AFT L.2334; SEIU NY State Council; UAW Region 9A NYC Area CAP Council; UNITE Amalgamated Services & Allied Joint Board; and United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE)

Last week, Amnesty International reported that “a significant number of detainees continue to be deprived of certain basic rights guaranteed under international law. These include the right to humane treatment, as well as rights which are essential to protection from arbitrary detention, such as the right of anyone deprived of their liberty to be informed of the reasons for the detention; to be able to challenge the lawfulness of the detention; to have prompt access to and assistance from a lawyer; and to the presumption of innocence.”  <http://web.amnesty.org/ai.nsf/Index/AMR510442002?OpenDocument&of=COUNTRIES\USA>.

“New York was built on the labor of immigrants and people of color, and today the city’s union movement is made up of men and women from all over the world,” said Brenda Stokely, President of Local 215, DC 37, AFSCME. “If we permit one group to be scapegoated and denied the Constitutional rights we expect in this country, who will be targeted next?”

* * * *

Who:  Labor leaders, union members, immigrant rights organizations, community groups, and families of those detained

What:  March and brief rally

Where and When:
10:30 a.m.  March from 9 Street and 5 Avenue in Park Slope.
12 Noon.  Rally at the Metropolitan Detention Center, 29 Street and 3 Avenue in Sunset Park, where many of the detainees are held

Why:  To demand rights for immigrant detainees, including release of their names and charges against them, access to attorneys

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