1978.10.03: Student Strike Committee: A Call to Action (Mass Media, UMass-Boston)

Mass Media, UMass-Boston, October 3, 19781978.10.03 Student Strike Committee

Mass Media, UMass-Boston
October 3, 1978

Student Strike Committee: A Call to Action
by Michael Letwin
Ad Hoc Student Strike Committee

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, faculty and staff members and supporters of the Faculty Staff Union will be taking a “job action” to apply pressure on the university administration to meet the union’s demands in the contract negotiations.

Some students see the union’s action as an attack on them, but this is narrow and shortsighted view. Students, however, have a direct stake in the victory of the teachers’ demands, which include smaller class size, maintenance of existing student educational programs and a decently paid and non-­transient faculty and staff who are committed to the university.

If the administration succeeds in denying the unions’ demands, it will have a free reign in the future to continue its oft-stated direction: to attack faculty and programs on the basis of a policy of financial cuts rather than an expansion of student services and educational quality which students as UMass/Boston so badly need.

So all of us, as students, are faced with a choice. We can pretend that the union action has nothing to do with us, or we can become aware of our common interests with the union and do our part in safeguarding and improving conditions of education at UMass/Boston

The Student Strike Committee, which has met over the last few days to organize student support for the union’s demands, believes that there is only one real alternative: to support the Faculty Staff Union in its fight. It is for this reason that we are calling for a student strike in conjunction with the faculty sickout on Wednesday and Thursday.

We ask all students not to attend classes and to make their support visible by joining the Union/Student picket lines of the 4th and 5th, making clear to the administration where we stand. We can no longer afford to stand by in silence.


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