1977.11.08: Thorough coverage (University of Cincinnati News Record)

Thorough coverage

To the Editor:

We were rather appalled at the incomplete report on the meeting on “South Africa Repression and U.S. Response” held on Nov. 4th in TUC.

While you made brief (and questionable) mention of John Mutambara’s description of the history of South Africa, you didn’t touch at all on the other aspects of the meeting, those which affect us most of all: American support for the racist South African regime.

Not only has the U.S. supplied South Africa with a wide range of military equipment, but this material was supplied during what was supposed to have been a “voluntary” arms embargo on South Africa since 1963.

Most relevant, however, to those of us at the University of Cincinnati is the $10 million that UC has invested in companies operating in South Africa. In response, the meeting on Nov. 4 kicked off a petition drive demanding that UC rid itself of all investments in these companies who play a key role in bolstering the South African racist regime. We ask all to support the petition drive, and we also ask that the News Record find the space to deal with this key issue.

Michael Letwin
International Socialist Organization

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