1976.04.01: “Wallace Better Hide” (Red Tide)

[Historical Note: The Red Tide was a revolutionary high school underground newspaper and youth organization that existed from 1971-1981. See: http://theredtide.wordpress.com/]

Red Tide #26
April-May 1976

“Wallace Better Hide”
[By Michael Letwin]

There’s supposed to be all kinds of differences between the candidates running for president. Those differences are supposed to exist between candidates within the Democratic Party as well as between the Democrats and Republicans.

But April 10’s Democratic Party dinner in Detroit may have changed a lot of people’s minds about that. At the fancy dinner for the rich “liberals” spoke Jimmy Carter, Mo Udall and last and not at all least — George C. Wallace, leading racist politician in the entire country.


You might be wondering how these liberals explained the fact that they were eating dinner with this slimy scum. Well the answer isn’t really so difficult to figure out. After all, they also had Jimmy Carter, Wallace’s old pal from down South. Carter is just a “cleaned-up” version of Wallace.

But what really becomes clear is that liberals have always been in the same party as the right wing racists. Southern racist Democrats have been part of the backbone of the Party.


But what was proved when the top liberals, United Auto Workers (UAW) officials and even the great liberal black may of Detroit, Coleman Young, ate with Wallace was that the rich and powerful stick together. It proves that where’s the money, there’s the politicians.

What would a real anti-racist have done? They would have refused to set foot in any dinner or Party that Wallace and his kind are in. Would you be in the same political party as Wallace? Well, even the most liberal presidential candidates are. That doesn’t leave too much doubt about where they’re at then, does it?


The Democrats weren’t alone that night at the dinner. About 75 Red Tide and Workers’ Power pickets demonstrated against Wallace and the Democrats, with signs reading: “Democrats, Wallace, Racists — One Big Family,” and shouting, “We’re the Red Tide: Wallace You Better Hide,” and other slogans.

We jeered the rich Democrats as they went into their expensive dinner with the racist Wallace. The Red Tide speaker at the end vowed that, “We will be out to demonstrate against the racists every time they dare show their faces. They can’t be allowed to organize freely.”


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