1976.01.15: Stop This War!!! (Red Tide)

Angolan Liberaration Fighter


Red Tide #23, Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 1976

[By Michael Letwin]

The small African country of Angola broke from Portuguese domination and is no longer a colony. But the brave Angolan people are still fighting for their freedom. Now they’re fighting off an imperialist invasion. An invasion that the US government is helping to lead.


Colonialism (direct control over one country by another) has been smashed. Now the battle is raging to get the imperialist nations (US, France, South Africa) out of Angola. The imperialists are there to divide the Angolan people so they can rip off its natural resources.


Can this really be happening again in the world? Just like the horror of the Vietnam war, the bloody battle in Angola has begun. It’s the same scene all over again. Guerrilla liberation armies are fighting imperialists for control of their own country.


On the news[,] you will will that there are three liberation movements in Angola. There is really only one movement that is truly fighting for the liberation of Angola. It is led by the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola).


The opposition to the MPLA wants to cooperate with the imperialists in selling-out Angola. The two Angolan groups involved in this are UNITA (Union for the Total Independence of Angola) and FNLA (National Front for the Liberation of Angola). The US, France and South Africa are backing these two groups. Because of the involvement of these countries with UNITA and FNLA, the Soviet Union has given military backing to the MPLA. The USSR is in it more to take a stab at its enemies than to aid the people of Angola.


Although the MPLA is getting aid from the USSR, that doesn’t mean the soldiers of the MPLA are under USSR’s control. The MPLA still has one goal: to fight for the liberation of Angola. We support the righteous battle of the Angolan people to rule their own country.


Another reason the imperialists are in Angola is to stop the spread of struggles for freedom. The CIA is everywhere in Africa, trying to keep black brothers and sisters there from liberating themselves. The CIA is afraid that if the Angolans are victorious, rebellion might spread throughout Africa.


We aren’t going to let them get away with this. It took us too many years before we realized what was going on in Vietnam — it too us too long to make the US stop the war. Yet hundreds of thousands died because the war went on.


Are we going to let the US and the CIA crush the righteous rebellion of the Angolan freedom fighters? Will we go and kill Angolan brothers and sisters so the US can take their oil? NO WAY!

The movement to get the US out of Angola is starting now. We must stand on the side of liberation and against oppression. All of us. Not another drop of blood must be shed. If there is bloodshed, let it be the blood of the greedy imperialist aggressors that is spilled.


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