1975.01.01: Red Tide News (Red Tide)

RT News

Red Tide #20
September 1975

Red Tide News
By Michael Long [Michael Letwin], National Secretary

This fall, the Red Tide is taking some big steps. The Tide is moving its national headquarters from the West Coast to the Midwest. Our national headquarters is now in Detroit, Michigan.

The move itself is important because it is part of the move to build the RT nationally more than ever before.


Our job is to build the Red Tide branches soon in a number of cities in the Midwest and East Coast[,] where they don’t exist today. These cities include Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Louisville, Ky., and others. Branches already exist in Detroit, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Oakland and Concord, California.

The reason that this is possible is because of the situation which young people find themselves in today. We all are looking for an answer to our problems; there’s the cops, no jobs and everything else. A lot of people are feeling like standing up and fighting back, instead of crawling through life on their knees. Our problems won’t solve themselves, no way! We’re going to have to tackle them ourselves. To do that we have to have organization.


That’s where the Red Tide comes in. We are the fighting alternative. Moving our headquarters is an important step in making the Red Tide a powerful alternative because it puts the center of our organization in the nerve center of the country.

We will have a number of new branches built in the next few months. The time is now to join. If you are in a city where we have a branch, join us there. If you live in a city without an address, write to the national headquarters and build a branch in your city. Help us build the revolutionary movement – together we’ll make a better world.

[Historical Note: The Red Tide was a revolutionary high school underground newspaper and youth organization that existed from 1971-1981. See: http://theredtide.wordpress.com/] 


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