1973.06.01: U.S. Keeps Bombing Cambodia (Red Tide)

Red Tide, Vol. 2, No. 6 [Issue #10]
June 1973

U.S. Keeps Bombing Cambodia
[By Michael Letwin]

According to the New York Times of May 11, the U.S. is spending between $7 million and $10 million a day on the current bombing of Cambodia. Yes, despite all of Nixon’s lip service about the war in Southeast Asia being over, the Times wrote that U.S. planes average about 250 sorties a day:

“Although most are tactical strikes by fighters, nearly 60 a day are the vast raids by B-52’s — nearly always in groups of three — which would make a total of about 1,700 a month. According to military informants, that is more B-52 raids than were flown in all of Indochina in 1971, the last year for which statistics are available.”

It also seems that Nixon is not done in South Vietnam. On May 12 and 13, the South Vietnamese Provisional Government charged that the U.S. is bombing PRG controlled territory.

Meanwhile, the Senate Foreign Relations Comm. released the information that the U.S. is financing some 20,000 Thai mercenaries fighting in Laos. The State Dept. acknowledged that the cost to U.S. taxpayers of this secret army is more than $100 million a year. The Nixon administration had previously lied about this force, claiming that they were volunteers.

The stories of continued U.S. involvement go on and on, yet the U.S. is supposedly out of the War. It is apparent that the continued U.S. support of these reactionary regimes in S.E. Asia is intended, as it always was, to secure an economic foothold in the area, and has nothing to do with “democracy” or “freedom”.


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