1973.06.01: Shorts & Briefs (Red Tide)

Shorts and Briefs

Red Tide, Vol. 2, No. 6 [Issue #10]
Summer 1973

[By Michael Letwin]

Oxnard Student Wins Rights

Oxnard — Steven P. Berkowitz, a 17-year-old junior in an Oxnard High School, won a court order permitting him to run or Student Body President without submitting speeches or other materials to the administration for approval. Berkowitz was a candidate for Student Body President and claimed that the State Education Code did not allow for censorship. It is not clear at this time whether this decision will apply outside of Ventura County.
Source: L.A. Times

Shell Strike

On May 18th, Shell Oil workers in Houston voted to end their 114-day strike and to accept a Union resolution. Shell Oil Co. stood firmly in the way of many Union demands, yet the strike in Houston is temporarily over. (See page 10 for full article.)

New Board Rules 

It seems that every day the Board of Education is trying to put new things over on us. This time, it is a proposal from the Board’s legal advisor, Ron Epperson, to the Superintendent’s office, dated April 5th, concerning new rules about outside speakers coming on campus.

Again the Board is trying to limit our freedom of education. Rules such as “principal shall determine . . . the educational appropriateness of the subject to be presented” is a direct attack on our democratic rights. The Board knows that in such cases as when Jane Fonda spoke at University High on the war in Viet Nam, many students and teachers changed their opinions on the subject, and therefore began to question some of their history textbooks. Why should we only be allowed to hear what the Board considers to be proper?  It is high time that students be allowed to hear the people that we consider to be important, not just those who conform to the reactionary standards that the Board likes. This set of rules has not yet been passed, but it could be at any time. We must be ready to fight fur our rights when the time for this insulting rule comes up. Source: Board of Education
(See page 5 for text of rules)

Teamster Rank & File Supports Farm Workers Union

Although it is not widely known, many rank-and file Teamsters do not support the attempts of their “leadership” to crush the United Farm Workers Union. The “leadership” of the Teamsters, in conjunction with the growers, [is] interested in the destruction of UFW, because they want the extra dues that the farm workers would bring. They would not help the farm workers fight the growers, and on top of all of this, the farm workers by a vast majority have chosen to be represented by UFW.

Many Teamster locals, however, see this for what it is: blatant union busting, traditionally the job of the bosses, with the aid of the government. Many Teamsters do not want to do this job. Local #208 of L.A for instance is one. This is true, despite the media’s attempts to make the struggle look like just another jurisdictional battle.
Source: Picket Line

The strike continues, and the United Farm Workers Union will must probably need help this summer to win their strike. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Note From the Red Tide

Many of you may have wondered at the erraticness of the publication of the RED TIDE in recent months. We have been trying to come out monthly, and in many cases we have failed. We have put out 6 issues this school year instead of the intended nine. Reasons for this have been numerous. Again, our lack of coordination, the fact that many of our people have been working on Wounded Knee, and also because of the recent reorganization of the RED TIDE, which laid down more concretely what the RED TIDE stands for and what we believe in.

We decided to expand our operation to a citywide level as much as possible. We feel that the lack of information for students is such that this is necessary. We urge people at each and every school to send us letters, articles, etc., about your schools or whatever, to get in contact with us so that more people will work with and receive the paper.

This, of course, is the last issue of the year. We will be out again in September, hopefully with more people at more schools, and possibly (depending on how many ads and subscriptions we receive). The last issue was distributed at:

Jordan High
Morningside High
University High
Venice High
Verbum Dei High
Culver High
Fairfax High
Hamilton High
Hollywood High

Hi School Community Information Service.
$3 a year for elem. through h.s. students, $5 for others.

Send to:
715 S. Park View St.
L.A. Calif. 90057

[Death of Alan Zweben]

On May 30th, we lost a good friend Alan Zweben, who died after a long battle with cancer. Alan was active in the National Lawyers Guild, where he helped expose the face of “justice,” and where he helped many people who were harassed by the police for their political activities. Before that, he was involved, among other things, with the Westwood Liberation Front, which was instrumental in initiating many high school people into politics. We feel especially sad, as his life could have been saved had this society put emphasis on finding cures to disease, and [on ending] human suffering, instead of ways of killing and exploiting people.

[Historical Note: The Red Tide was a revolutionary high school underground newspaper and youth organization that existed from 1971-1981. See: http://theredtide.wordpress.com/]

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