1973.03.23: Statement of University High School Students On Wounded Knee Caravan Indictments

Statements of Former Defendants

Red Tide Bulletin #6
March 23, 1973

Statement of University High School Students On Wounded Knee Caravan Indictments

On Wednesday, March 21st, a Federal Grand Jury indicted 13 members of a caravan filled with food and medical supplies for the Oglala Sioux Nation at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

We, three University High School students, are among the 16 people who were originally arrested. Unlike the other 13, we were never indicted and the government has dropped all charges against us for attempting to supply food, medicine and clothing for the Indian Nation. We of course are relieved that we were not indicted on these fictitious charges. However we believe the government has no better case against any of the other 13 indicted defendants than it did against us. The arrests and indictments occurred solely as a means of intimidating and inhibiting support for the Oglala Sioux Nation, and the struggle of American Indians all across the country.

We come from white middle class backgrounds, from the homes of “professional” parents. We were, indeed, the only white defendants in the case. The fact that the Indian and Chicano members of the caravan were indicted while we were not is symbolic of the racial and class bias in the system of American “justice,” and in this society as a whole.

We condemn this economic prejudice and racism on the part of the government and demand that in addition our release, all charges be dropped against the 13 indicted. We also demand that the U.S. government recognize the independence, sovereignty, and the right of self-determination of the Oglala Sioux Nation, and all other demands of that nation, and of the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.)

Karen Pomer, Michael Letwin, Steve S.
Former Defendants


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