1973.03.20: Wounded Knee Arrests (Daily Herald)

The Daily Herald, March 20, 1973, Page 9

LAS VEGAS (UPI) – Sixteen persons were arraigned before the U.S. Magistrate Monday on charges they tried to transport food and medical supplies to the barricaded Indians at Wounded Knee, S.D. Magistrate Joe Ward released four of the defendants without bond and bail for the others ranged from $1,000 to $10,000.

Juvenile Stephen B. Shickman was released without bond and Michael Letwin was ordered held on $1,000. It was undetermined whether Karen Pomer, 18, would be tried as an adult or a juvenile but she was released without bail.

Most of the defendants were Indians and included Cherokee, Butte and Apaches. They were arrested early Saturday as a caravan of three vehicles crossed into Nevada from California via Interstate 15 carrying medicine and food. The FBI confiscated the van, truck and station wagon and seized the foodstuffs and medical supplies.

The American Civil Liberties Union represented the defendants. Attorney Dean Breeze of Las Vegas and Richard Wasserstrom of Los Angeles appeared in court.

Wasserstrom called for an early arraignment. “We would like an opportunity to show as fast as we can that these charges are baseless, we are worried about the chilling affect of arresting people this way and of cutting off all constitutional and legal support in favor of Wounded Knee,” Wasserstrom said. “I suppose it is now against the law to write your Congressman. It might be called aiding and abetting to ask your Congressman to help,” the Los Angeles Lawyer said.


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