1973.03.01: RED TIDE “Spawned in Hell” (Red Tide)

Red Tide, Vol. II, No. 5 [Issue #9]
March 1973

RED TIDE “Spawned in Hell”
[By Michael Letwin]

For all of us who did not happen to see George Putnam’s “One Reporters Opinion” on February 2nd, we are reprinting his comments about “underground” newspapers.

It is this reporter’s opinion that to destroy a nation, an enemy must begin by destroying the youth of that nation, and thus, its future. Saturate the kids with dissatisfaction and distrust. Feed them narcotics and pornography and dirty films; downgrade their art forms, and feed them sex, sex, sex! Stir them to hate — defy discipline — and exhort them to violence.

Tell them everything that is socialistic or communistic is good; propagandize anything patriotic as being fascistic. Make it popular to defy the status quo; get them to thumb their nose at parents, home, church, schools; their heritage, founding fathers, and heroes of the past. Accomplish this, and you’re well on the way toward destroying a nation’s youth — and the future of the nation. 

One such tool of the enemy is the underground newspaper, now saturating our campuses. And I have a copy of one such filth sheet ‘in my hands. May I read a few excerpts from it, quote: “‘It is our duty to act to change things or are we murderers and thieves, just like the capitalists?’

In another section, under the guise of birth control, the underground newspaper suggests female self-examination of the genitals; the underground newspaper carries a sketch of the female part in great detail.

Another article is titled “Fascism in Athletics,” with a generous sprinkling of four letter words.

The underground newspaper points to the horrors of tiger cages, never once mentioning the tragic treatment of our POW’s by their Communist captors.

And there’s a phony description of alleged police mistreatment aimed at instilling hatred of the police.

And over and over again, the underground newspaper calls for protest marches; boycotts, and so-called peace rallies.

And there are appeals from the Billy Dean Smith Defense Committee, the black man who stood trial for allegedly killing two white officers in Vietnam by hand grenades.

A charge that Soledad brother George Jackson was murdered by the State of California, and articles by Angela Davis, Huey Newton, Erica Huggins, and others,

And on and on in goes, with protest and boycott and hate and ethnic appeals, all aimed at attempting to steal your children and mine from us, and their American way of life from them.

Now, such filth is being distributed on campuses across America, in the guise of freedom of speech and publication. But I think underground newspapers are aptly named; underground indeed! They were spawned in hell, that’s where they belong.

Although Putnam did not mention the RED TIDE by name, on this occasion, he did flash it around the camera (Vol. I No. IV).

We did not appear on Putnam’s “Talk Back” show to respond to his comments for the simple reason that it is he who controls the show. He can go to a commercial whenever he wishes, he can turn down or off your microphone, and there are three of his colleagues to one of the speaker,

In any case we feel that Putnam’s stupidity speaks for itself.

P.S. Thank you George, our circulation increased significantly after your show.


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