1972.05.04: Moratorium May 4th: Stop the Bombing!

Moratorium May 4th Red Tide



The war in Southeast Asia is continuing.

We have dropped 30 tons of bombs for every man, woman and child in Viet Nam, and spent billions of dollars so that now our own economy is being destroyed. In the U.S. repression is coming down on anyone who dares question the policies of the government.

Thus two wars are going on at the same time: the war in Indochina and the war at home. People’s bodies are destroyed in Viet Nam and people’s minds are destroyed in the schools here. Schools are the factories where we get molded to kill those who we have nothing against.

It is time for we hi school students to show that we do not accept these wars. We must not allow the genocide of the Indochinese people to continue. Two years ago students at Jackson State and Kent State universities were murdered by police and National Guard. In commemoration of those students and in response to the escalated bombing of Viet Nam, May 4th has been declared a national moratorium. All over the country demonstrations are taking place.

What we should do is use our schools to end the war and repression at home. Educate in your classes, get speakers, hold teach-ins and strikes. Let’s end the murder of people by the American government, around the world and at home.

Tear off here

If you would like to work with the High School Indochina [Crisis] Coalition, clip this and send it to:

P.O. Box 24-354
Los Angeles Calif. 90024






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