1972.03.01: Busted! (Red Tide)

[Historical Note: The Red Tide was a revolutionary high school underground newspaper and youth organization that existed from 1971-1981. See: http://theredtide.wordpress.com/]

Red Tide, Vol. 1, No. 2 [Issue #2]
March 1972

[By Michael Letwin]

On Nov. 1, 1971, the first issue of the Red Tide was distributed at Uni. Before and during school donations of 10 cents each was asked to cover printing costs. Of the 1000 copies printed, approx. 700 were sold the first day.

However an incident arose at lunch in which the Boy’s V.P., Homer Ganz, confiscated about 50 copies of the paper and some [Vietnam antiwar] moratorium leaflets also being passed out. As a result of this, Ganz suspended 4 people for possession and distribution of the paper and the leaflets.

When one student intervened on behalf of the offenders, he was told to report to Ganz’s office, which he did. When up there, however, the student had the surprise of not being received by Ganz to talk about the paper, but rather was met by about 11 plainclothes pigs who had been working as undercover narcotics agents at Uni. The pigs put him under arrest and charged him with “sale of narcotics”, and took him away. People who were suspended were later allowed back into school, but the confiscated material was not returned.

Meanwhile, behind the music bungalow several narcs tried to bust people. But a student who had previously witnessed his friend being arrested disobeyed Ganz’s order to remain in his office, and ran down to the bungalow to warn people of the coming danger. The people behind the bungalow chased the pigs out of the school when they went back there. Our modern Paul Revere however was expelled from Uni and is now going to Hamilton.

The issue of free speech and that of the pigs on campus are related. Ganz and the administration could not allow the paper to be freely distributed on campus as it denounced school and the Amerikan government. He knew that people would read those 1000 copies and think.

To think about the oppression we are subjected to in school. To think about women becoming human beings, instead of the plastic stereotypes that are portrayed on TV and in the media. To think about Angela Davis and all the other things that we are not told about in school. True education leads to the overthrowing of oppressors and they know that means them.

To show how little reforms can do, look at the new directive sent out by the Board of Education, allowing materials to be passed out on campus. Ganz knew of this directive yet he ignored it.

The pigs on campus create more an air of repression. The pigs infiltrated the Uni student body and now have pages of bustable students. They did it by having a few pigs grow 2 week old beards and dress in worn out Levis. They usually worked in pairs. They have Black ones and women too. In fact, one of these pigs was enrolled in Uni last year!

After these busts (there have been several other busts in the past 20 weeks) the pigs pull out the old narcs and slowly plant new ones. There are plenty of pigs on campus right this minute that look just like us. Beware!

The administration believes that by trying to intimidate students, people won’t exercise their Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of the press. However the printing and distributing of this second issue of the Red Tide proves that we will not be scared into submission. We must show that we can fight against the oppression of our school and our society, and we must change them, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


One response to “1972.03.01: Busted! (Red Tide)

  1. tonya english

    From tonya thanks to the red tide and mike p for giving me good r
    Memories and purpose when
    i had none. You all were my family when i needed one.


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