1970.04.15: Student Flyer in Support of L.A. Teacher (UTLA) Strike, Emerson Jr. High School

[Student flyer in support of L.A. Teacher (UTLA) Strike, Emerson Jr. High School, by Richard Lazar and Michael Letwin, April 15, 1970]

On Monday morning as you all know, there was a confrontation between members of the student body and the administration in front of school. The students held a non-violent demonstration protesting the fact that the school was being kept open even though little or no educational activity was taking place. The students did not like being kept in school, if its purpose was to employ babysitters and show the strikers that the school would not give in. Mr. Hawkins was able to keep school open by releasing a large number of students, and employing neighborhood scabs.

On Tuesday Mr. Hawkins employed fear tactics to try to get the students to stay in school. In addition to this more neighborhood scabs were brought, and the administration’s elite guard was called into action, barricading and locking all doors and gates, creating a major fire hazard. Again very few classes were in session and for most of the day the majority of students were walking around the school.

We cannot allow this type of farce [to] occur again. Today we must act. If you don’t have a class, go to the main office and demand your regular classes. If they will not give you your regular classes, then sit down in the main office until you get your classes or if the school is officially closed. If you support the teacher strike then please take part in this activity.



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